Starting a new website

I sometimes think that every few years I need to completely redo my website. Remove all the clutter and start something fresh.
It’s always a struggle to start again. Because.. where do you begin. But this time I might have done it a bit too drastic with completely removing my website. That was not smart.
After watching a few tutorials and reading about tips for wordpress I managed to activate myself to start this thing. And oh my what a job i forgot it was.

I guess it’s still a work in process so bare with me. I have a fulltime job as well besides this so it might take some time before it’s perfect.

But thank you for being a part of the reason why I am creating a new website.
I sure love to know what you think of it and if I should change something.

I want to use this platform as well to give a little bit behind the scenes of the life of a photographer. The set ups. The struggles. I will try to commit to giving you a full experience.

You can also stay in contact with me through my social media!