About me

I was born in the Netherlands and started my interest in photography at a very young age.
After I graduated fine arts at an art academy I decided to travel with my camera.
My adventure started in Australia where I ended up living for 2 years before coming back to the Netherlands. Around this time I decided to go to the next level and I started my company.

My work is about capturing hidden moments. This makes me really good in seeing the memorable moments between the poses and capture them

Besides the photography I also do a lot of illustrations and design.
I have had various projects where I could expand my graphic skills.

But sometimes life brings you to new and excited challenges.
Since the summer of 2018 I decided it’s time to make another big step in my life.

I moved to Cyprus where I’m settling down. I’m excited to start a new creative life here.
I’m still available for freelance work all over the world. Just contact me if you are interested and we see how we can work it out.